Friday, March 13, 2015

Dogs and Cats Helping Out in the Office

1. "You don't actually need this hand, do you?"


2. "I'm just here for moral support. Because typing seems hard."

Reddit: General_Pie

3. "Heeeeey. Whatcha doin'? And why aren't you playing with me?"

Reddit: debrouta

4. "Need me to spell-check anything?"

Reddit: crownoforion

5. "You're doing a great job. Stop moving around so much, though."

Reddit: iliveinphoenix

6. "So ... are you gonna be done sooooon??"

Reddit: bgibs4

7. "This would be so much easier if I could read."

Reddit: jkpritchard

8. "I brought you your favorite toy, Human. I'm very helpful."

Reddit: Syntheticturtle

9. "Here, let me help you with that mouse ... "

Reddit: qubedView

10. "Um, okay, I'm pretty sure your job is to PLAY with me?"

Reddit: gcaseym

11. "Ugggh, this is so boring, why do you do this??"

Reddit: a_lexicon

12. "Uh-oh ... I think I pressed the wrong key."

Reddit: samesmile

13. "You can have this back when I'm finished snuggling with it."

Reddit: SpoonParty

14. "Sheesh, what's taking you so long?"

Reddit: Siosaysevolve

15. "Hey! Hey! Did you hear that knock-knock joke I was telling in the break room? It's a DOOZY."

Reddit: illonlybeonforaminut