Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How Not to Clean Windows - Crazy Window Cleaning Pics

Do Not Try to Clean Your Windows Like This! We saw these funny window cleaning pics and just had to share them. Don't try this at home!

Old lady cleaning Windows! Not the best idea! 

Man on ladder cleaning windows dangerously. Don't try this at home. .
Man cleaning high rise window in Dubai.
Not the Way to Clean Windows.
Definitely not the way to clean windows.
OMG these chinese students cleaning windows is dangerous!.
Rockin' old lady cleans windows from the outside.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Things You Don't See Every Day - Amazing and Funny Photos

lady vacuuming lawn

man taking photo of bird on head SLR camera

3 elephant topiary - bush trimmed to look like elephants

entire soccer team with no 10 Messi shirts

men high up on powerline

cow sitting on car - cow on bonnet of bmw

patterned camels - camel trimmed with patterns

Volkswagon beetle lounge - VW Beetle settee

elephant in clothes - elephant wearing jeans

seagull standing on seagull

sunset in basketball hoop

How Not to Wash A Dog

Want to know exactly how not to bath a dog? Well there are a million ways to do a dog wash fail, but we collected some of our favourites from the internet:

Don't wash you're dog when you're not ready

Don't smoke and wash your dog

Do not wash dog in toilet bowl

Do not wash dog in sink. Even when this cute.

Do not vacuum your dog

This is now not to wash your dog

And this is not how you bath a dog

don't wash your dog like this

And this is not how to bath your dog

This is definitely not how you dry your dog

and don't bath your dog like this

and you can't machine wash your dog like this

or like this 

don't bath your dog in the sink
and don't wash your dog in a puddle

don't wash your dog in a wheelbarrow
This is how not to wash your dog. How not to bath your dog. How not to shower your dog.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Parent Rap

Don't make me count to one two three.... The Parent Rap from Bluefish TV's parenting series: It Starts at Home

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I've got all the Koalafications

What do you mean I'm not a bear? - I have all the Koalifactions!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thank you for liking this post

Thank you for liking this post.
to print this sign and stick it on a post yourself. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Understanding women through pie charts

What can't be explained with a well drawn pie chart? If there is some aspect of life that a chart can't explain, we haven't come across it yet. Here is another one of our favourites:

Why Women Cry Pie Chart

What women mean pie chart

What Women Want Pie Chart

What Women Hear Pie Chart
But wait, it's not just women's needs and wants  that can be explained in pie charts. Men can also be explained in a couple of simple pie charts:

What Mean Mean Pie Chart

What Men Want Pie Chart